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Pulsar is a highly modular and blazing fast XDR agent framework based on eBPF. With Pulsar you can monitor and protect your device from any type of external threats.

Designed for IoT and edge computing, it's is optimized for performance, runtime cost, and edge security.

Pulsar is written in the Rust programming language, a modern and secure language.



Pulsar directly communicates with the device kernel through eBPF programs. In this way, Pulsar is able to monitor the device by collecting and analyzing data from the kernel. This data can be grouped into 4 different categories:

  • File I/O: I/O operations on disk and memory.
  • Network: data from network stack and is used to analyze the traffic patterns.
  • Processes: processes informations, including file execution and file opening.
  • System Activity: device activity, including system calls.


These data generates Pulsar Events that are sent to the Event Bus and then processed by different Pulsar Modules which are responsible for analyzing the data and generating alert events whenever a threat is detected.