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Welcome to the official documentation of Cosmo, the online analysis platform built to secure your embedded devices.

With Cosmo you can automate the analysis and the identification of security vulnerabilities inside your devices.

Cosmo will help you to:

  • unveil common vulnerabilities and exposures introduced by open source components in your device

  • uncover weak passwords hardcoded in your firmware

  • pinpoint potential exploits and vulnerabilities, exactly where they are introduced in the source code

  • isolate malware in your device filesystem

  • understand your software Bill of Materials, at a glance

How-to use Cosmo

Cosmo is a ready(-and-easy)-to-use online platform.

You have to perform simple actions to achieve great results:

  1. sign-up to Cosmo
  2. confirm the registration and login
  3. upload the firmware you want to be analyzed
  4. wait a few minutes for the analysis to be completed
  5. check the report of you firmware

Alternatively you can use the Command Line Interface (CLI) in order to automate the analysis processes.