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Supported firmware images

Cosmo can analyze almost every firmware image:

  • Linux images (generic, Buildroot, OpenWrt and Yocto generated images)

  • Containers images (Docker and LXC supported)

  • VxWorks images

  • UEFI images


As for Linux firmware images, you can upload one of the following formats: ZIP, BZIP2, XZ, TAR, 7-ZIP, CPIO, GZIP, AIX Backup, AFX2, ARJ, BORGBA, BSA, HPACK, HPJL, KGB, JAM, JAR, LHARC/LHA, LZ4, LZIP, LZMA, LZO, LZOP, MSCE, MSCF, PAR, PKZIP, RAR, RPM, RZIP, XAR, ZSTD, and proprietary formats for Netgear, Linksys, Mediatek, D-Link, TP-Link, Qualcomm.


As for Linux firmware images, the supported filesystems are BSD 2.x FS, CramFS, DOS Emulator image, EFS2, ext2/ext3, ext4, ISO 9660, JFFS2, Minix FS, MPFS, netboot image, PFS, Qemu Emulator Image, QNX4/6/IFS, romfs, Foscam camera FS, Squashfs, TROC FS, UBI, Wind River MemFS, YAFFS.