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In this section are described the basic steps to carry on in order to let Cosmo analyze your firmware and generate a report.

Let's start!


Cosmo is an online platform available at the web address The first step is to browse to the sign-up page, fill in the form with the requested fields and click the REGISTER button.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email address: follow the instructions e go to the next step.


Once you are sign-up to the platform you have to perform the login with your credential.

The login form is shown in the next figure: just fill in your email address and password, then click the SIGN IN button.


Firmware image upload

Congratulations, you are in!

Now you can start uploading the firmware image you want to be scanned. You can drag'n'drop the choosen file or click the SELECT FILE button, then browse to the file path.

Firmware image upload

Cosmo will ask you to choose the firmware type and a report title.

The firmware type can be choosen among the following:

  • Linux - Generic

  • Linux - Buildroot

  • Linux - OpenWrt

  • Linux - Yocto

  • Container - Docker

  • Container - LXC

  • VxWorks - Generic

  • UEFI - Generic


For all the Linux-based firmware types, simply load the firmware image and select the build tool used to build the image or select the firmware type "Linux - generic" if you are unsure about it.


For Docker containers, run:

docker save $CONTAINER_NAME | gzip > $NAME.tar.gz

and then submit $NAME.tar.gz to Cosmo.

(eg, docker save ubuntu:groovy | gzip > ubuntu.tar.gz).


For LXC containers, run:

cd /var/lib/lxc/$CONTAINER_NAME/; tar --numeric-owner -czvf $NAME.tar.gz *

and then submit $NAME.tar.gz to Cosmo.


For VxWorks firmware, load a VxWorks-based image (version: 5 or 6, arch: ARM or PPC) and select "VxWorks/Generic" as firmware type.


For UEFI, run: spi dump $NAME.bin

and then submit NAME.bin to Cosmo.


The report title is just a mnemonic string used to identify one report among the others.

Report load

Once you have done you can click the SCAN FIRMWARE button: the image file will be uploaded and the scan will start automatically.

A progress bar will indicate the upload process progress.

Progress bar

Progress ok

After the firmware image file is correctly uploaded and the scan started, a new entry will be shown in the report table.

Report list

The great wait

Cosmo will send you an email as soon as the scan has ended and the report is ready: it's time for a cup of coffee.

Alternatively you can upload other firmware images to Cosmo, in order to queue your scans: click the NEW REPORT button and repeat the upload procedure with your new firmware image file.

Report list

Enjoy your report!

Once the scan are complete you will be notified by email: come back to the reports page and click the report name you want to check in details.

Report done


On the reports page you can find the summary of all the reports, with general indications of the uploaded firmware security.